A Calming Grey Quiet

As a participant in the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory’s Snail Mail Paper Trail exhibit, I received two sheets of handmade paper in the mail. I carried these pieces of paper around with me for weeks. I took them with me to work, they rode around in my car, sat on my living room couch, my bedside table and even spent some time in the dining room before they made their way into the studio where they were to be transformed in some way. I thought about how these pieces of paper had become a part of my daily life as I carried them around, waiting to discover what they could become.

As I spent time each day thinking about these pieces of paper and imagining what they could become, they became a calming grey quiet for me. They gave me the space to think and imagine. By the time they were taking book form, they were full of moments of quiet. I figured the only suitable marking would be a reminder to myself of what the paper brought to my day, a moment of calming grey quiet.