Soft Cover Link Stitch Journals

The sewing pattern for the soft-cover link stitch looks very similar to the ethiopian binding. However, on the soft-cover link stitch, the sewing is not visible on the covers. Also on the soft-cover link stitch the sewing stations at the head and tail of the book are kettle stitches while the middle sewing stations are link stitches. The ethiopian binding is sewn with four link stitches using two lengths of thread with four curved needles, so you have a needle on each end of the thread. The soft-cover link stitch is sewn with only one length of thread on one needle. So while the stitching looks very similar on the two different books, each process is distinct.

The soft cover link stitch makes a great little notebook for a travel bag or purse to jot down ideas, websites, book titles, band names, important dates or whatever fun things you come across and want to remember later.